FREE Hair styles  in Uptown Charlotte on  Saturdays! If you know of someone in the need of a Hair Makeover, just let use know. We will contact them very nice and professional, and we will let them know How wonderful it was for you to treat them to a great Hair Makeover. We will ex foliate their pores to clean and moisturize their scalp along with a style that compliments their personality in a professional setting. Hair cutting, hair extension, great Uptown service is included in  all of "Uptown Hair Extensions" makeovers. Call in between the  hours of 1-2 on Sun at (704) 500-0001 for the upcoming Sat, some restrictions do apply.
520 W 10th & Graham
Charlotte, NC 28202
Tue - Fri: 10AM - 7PM
Sat: 8AM - 7P
Sun: Appointments
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