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the best salon in charlotte nuptown weave cafe located in charlotte nc
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I just got home from a glorious trip to the biggest hair show in Italy with a few friends. We saw beautiful things, ate delicious food and drank the best wine- saw some of the most beautiful hair extensions
and…I didn’t do my hair a single time, that to the Hair Extensions Hair Salon in Charlotte, NC
I brought a curling iron, but the European converters made short work of that. I opted not to pack a suitcase full of leaky liquids, so I also didn’t have much in the hair product category. I suppose this was my very lowest maintenance trip I’ve ever taken (not to mention my luggage was lost the first three days)!

There are Still Professional/Experienced Stylist Around

Uptown Weave Cafe' charges one set price on our Hair Extensions, all of their stylist are licensed and bonded no need to worry about experience  all  the staff over there has atleast ten years of  hands on work experience under our belt. Pay them a visit you will be pleased.
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